Truth, Responsibility, Unity, Sincere, Timely and Stewardship


We got our one identity to all stakeholder is we working with the TRUTH


We respond to any angle of task.


No matter what happen we will moving forward as long as we keep out team UNITY.


We work with heart and the heart tell us to sincere to everyone.


Time is the matter of sucess even it is big or small task.


We respect the mother earth and those who are dying of poor, so stewardship is always with us.


Some fun activites you may interested while they very inspired us to moving forward.

How We Work

With a fulls stack process to ensure we give the best price for both stakeholder (Seller and Buyer).

How We Work


We provide the safty of backyards chicken usage.

Breed Selection

We got a full range process to ensure the chicken we are going to invest with are completely Native Chick and healthy.

Cage Producing & Area

Chick need clean and space area to make them growth healthy without stress.


chicken caring is likely the business caring, so that the villager could get the best result ever.

Feeding Process

We give the full effort to make sure the feeding process is completely natural and environment friendly.

About US

MoanSrae Co., LTD. is an impact-driven entrepreneur who mainly focuses on free range chicken trading from rural to urban area. We tend to support and improve rural villagers’ economic through collecting and improving free-range chicken raising skills and techniques to whom wishes to transform their practices from traditional to standard ones. We initiate business intelligence approaches, which used to be enhanced by Government, NGO and relevant stakeholders, to ensure that rural household can economically depend on their backyard chicken. Strategically, We work to enrich local villagers to improve local free range chicken raising skill and techniques and sustain a good market through closely providing technical support and creating a sustainable channel/market to reach out to the individual consumers

Fun Facts

274 Site
2343409 Economic Contribution
8600 Families
1540 Happy clients

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